Life by JBF

Life by JBF

Life by JBF

‘I’m taking life easy,’ I said
‘What is life?’ he asked
A question that nagged at my brain
Causing it to hurt from the strain.

Life is living.
Life is joy.
Life is pain.
Life is gain.
Life is mistakes.
Life is discovery.
Life is high stakes.
Life is recovery.

Life is dread
But at least we’re not dead.
Life gives us a chance
To move ahead.

Life is a rollercoaster
It tosses us up and down
And spins us around and around
Before it takes us down.
Down to the ground
Where our ancestors roam
Down to the ground
Where we cease to moan.
Life is.

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About the Author

Janette B. Fuller is a teacher and author of three books. Her business is to write stories set in the place she knows best – Jamaica – while also helping writers to write their own stories. 

When you are ready to write your story and/or after you have written your story, make contact with her at for coaching and editing services, respectively. Check out her books here


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