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The best age to start a career in writing

Whether you are teenaged or an older adult, a story may pop up in your head from time to time. You want to write it. But are you too young or too old to begin your writing journey? Is there a best age to start writing? Let’s find out. If you a re a teenager, do you think that you are too young to write your first book? If your answer is yes, you are wrong. There are a number of successful writers who published their first novels in their teens. Recently, I had a conversation with a thirty something year old lady. She said that she wrote a book when she was sixteen . She is just ready to share it with an audience. Be like that lady! Write your stories. Eventually you will develop the confidence to share them with an audience. So why not start your writing journey today? Are you between the ages of twenty and forty ? Apparently, this is a good time to start your career in writing. It is during this period that many writers start their careers. If you are in