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Lessons from writing my first novel, "My Own Big Woman"

1. Writing is a marathon, not a sprint a. It is easy to get an idea but it is not easy to craft that idea into the story you want to tell. b. Keep the story at the forefront of your mind and write a few words or many each day - depending on where and how the spirit leads you. c. Perseverance is key.  d. The editing process is continuous. e. There is a feeling of accomplishment when the last edit is done. f. There are many stories to be told and I can tell some of them.      My novel was finished after one year of intense writing. The process was one of writing, rewriting, again and again; editing, editing, editing…    My Own Big Woman  is now available on  Amazon . Get your copy today. A bout the Author J anette B. Fuller  is a ghost writer and author of four  books.  When you are ready to write your story and/or after you have written your story, make contact with her at She'll help you write your best story by helping you arrange your thoughts and/