I edit all forms of writing in English.

*Prices vary depending on the amount of work to be done to refine your project.

Editing Services

Manuscript Proofreading Rate – $0.01 per word

When you have edited your work, and just before you are ready to publish it, I will check it for typos, grammatical and other errors and correct them.

Manuscript Copy Editing Rate – $.02 per word

The focus here will be on checking and correcting grammar, spelling and organizing content. Gaps in research may also be filled.

Manuscript Line Editing Rate –  $.04 per word

I will analyze your manuscript and make suggestions in terms of word choice, content and organization of that content i. e. streamlining your story.

Manuscript Developmental Editing Rate – $.07 per word

If you have an idea but you are having difficulty fleshing it out, I am here for you. Let me help you fill in the gaps and structure your story (fiction or nonfiction) to engage the reader. If you prefer, I will use track changes to identify weaknesses and to suggest modifications to achieve your writing goal. In addition, a 45 minute call via your preferred online medium is included in this package.

Manuscript Revision Rate

Half of the sum paid for editing

Book Editing Flat Fee

Picture Books/Works shorter than 1000 words $299

Book Development Package

  • to get your book ready for querying or self-publishing 1.e. to transform your idea into a finished product

  • Includes book evaluation, drafting/editing of synopsis and all the editing services listed above

N.B. Please contact me to work out the details of this package. However, to give you an idea of the standard cost of this package, 75000 words book development package would cost an estimated $1500.

Time frame for completionup to four months

N.B. If you want me to edit your work focusing on all of the above, the cost will be higher than that listed for any one service, but you will get a discount.


  • I only accept soft copies of manuscripts.

  • All manuscript submissions should be in Word or Open Office document format. They should be formatted using Times New Romans; they should be double spaced; they should be indented by ½ inch or have line spaced paragraphs.

  • If you prefer to receive a final track changed document and/or a clean copy, that will be done.

  • Please note that full payment is required before I return your edited manuscript, but I will show you the first chapter for you to see the trajectory of the editing.

  • You may pay via PayPal or any other agreed on method of payment.

  • A $50 non-refundable deposit is required for unscheduled consultations.

  • Rush orders accepted but the price will be adjusted accordingly.



Story Development Package: $500

  • Initial one-hour session to work out the details of your project and to set deadlines for agreed on deliverables

  • Three additional sessions to work on the development of your story

    This package will help you work out your story idea and create an outline for your story.



  • Ask about formatting options


  • Please ask.

Need an evaluation of your Manuscript?


  • To ensure that the elements of story-writing, among other notable characteristics of fiction writing are at the forefront of your project


  • To ensure that your voice is clear, that the people and the context of your story are highlighted to further your story and that your story will engage readers

  • Cost – $0.003 per word

N.B. You may receive comments face to face via a video or voice call that lasts no more than an hour. Or, you may choose to receive comments in writing. The turn around time is within 6 weeks. It may be sooner if that is your wish but this will impact the cost of this service.

Editing is not a part of this service.



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