My name is Janette B. Fuller and I am from Jamaica.

View of a hill from Portland, Jamaica

Work life
I am a teacher by profession. I am trained to teach English Language  and Literature  to students  at the secondary level of the Education system. However, over the years I have expanded my teaching portfolio by teaching other subjects - Government  and Politics, Sociology, Public Sector Management courses, other courses in Management, Law, among others. I'm willing to stretch the limits of my knowledge, so I'm a continuous  learner.

I have  written  three books. These books are available here. The first, 'Investing in Our Success: A glimpse into our world' provides the reader with a glimpse into the psyche of the Jamaican person. The second, 'The Teacher's Gift' explores teaching and the teacher's role in this profession. The third, recently completed, is my first novel. It is a story about two sisters, learning to live together while fighting their own demons.

I believe that I have  a few more books in me that  I will write one day, hopefully soon.


I am an educator who loves to write so I write about issues in education and writing in my blogs.


Teaching Diploma - Linguistics and Literature
B.A. Communication
M.Sc. Government

Other interests

When I am not teaching or writing or editing the work of others, I may be found reading indiscriminately, trying to understand the pets who share my space, baking and wandering from place to place, enjoying the world and engaging in very amateur photography.

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