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Janette B. Fuller has been reading everything from as long as she can remember. Her love of books led her to a career in teaching, initially Language and Literature, before she included other subjects to her teaching portfolio. She started her writing career in 2014 when she self-published her first book about life in Jamaica. Since then, she has published three other titles. While she focuses on publishing her own stories, she has also worked with authors across genres from Jamaica and outside of Jamaica. Her years of teaching English Language and Literature, among other subjects, and reading books from all genres, have provided her with a unique skills-set to help writers from diverse genres produce their best content. She is particularly interested in helping writers develop their ideas, write their books by providing editing and proofreading services as well as publishing the final product. Planning to write any of the following?

  • Memoirs
  • Literary fiction
  • Thrillers...

Reach out to her today at writingwisdomtree@gmail.com to start the process of getting that story that has been bugging you to be be written from out of your head and on to the page. More information at https://www.janettebfuller.com/p/services.html

Her books

Available at http://bit.ly//JansBooks

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