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Things you shouldn't say to a writer

First published on LinkedIn. Here are four comments that well-wishers/naysayers make to writers which writers would prefer not to hear. 1. Stop wasting your time. The writer’s job is one of struggle. The first struggle that she has to overcome is her struggle with a blank page. There are many times when the writer knows what she wants to write. But no matter how hard she tries, the right words refuse to show themselves. This happens more times than the writer likes to admit. But, eventually, the words start writing themselves. Not the best words, the ones that capture exactly what she wants to say, but adequate words that capture the essence of the story she wishes to tell — words that will be pruned by her editor’s pen over and over and over again before she is comfortable with sharing her work with the world. Completing a writing project is one of the writer’s greatest achievements. So, she enjoys wasting time writing. She enjoys writing and believes John Lennon who is reputed to

Writing that Essay

  First published on LinkedIn "Write an essay of not less than 3000 words and not more than 5000 words. You may choose your topic." That was my instruction. No problem. Nothing to it. I can write. I write all kinds of stuff. I know what I want to write about. I have the evidence to support my stance. I can do it. That was my thinking. I got out my computer, opened a word processing programme, wrote my title and before I knew it, my first draft was underway. In one night, I completed my first draft, not quite 3000 words, but enough to build the rest of my essay. By the second night, I had completed writing and editing my essay. It was ready for the world of readers who like the stuff that I write. That was a dream, though.  I would love to be able to be that kind of a writer who gets an idea and immediately manages to capture it in all its complexity in writing. But alas, I am not that kind of a writer. I get many ideas, wonderful ideas, but either I don’t feel compelled to