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6 Tips about writing, editing and marketing your book

If you are looking for tips to get your self-published book to readers, here are six tips about writing, editing and marketing your book. Writing is a journey. If you have taken this journey you will have discovered that the road on which you are travelling is not smooth and that you have embarked on an uphill journey, following a path with its twists and turns. In addition, you will have discovered that you have to always step over or climb over, or go around a number of obstacles in your way. But having successfully negotiated all the twists and turns and cleared all the obstacles in your way, you finally have reached a height of excitement and achievement in which you have gloried for a while. Your manuscript is the achievement for which you toiled and its completion is exciting. But you'll soon realize that there are many more steps that you have to take to claim to have had a successful journey.  Tip 1: Go where the story leads you You're never quite sure what