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Journey by JBF

A road leading to nowhere and everywhere Journey by JBF You are standing at the edge of despair A bottomless chasm stretches toward you Urging you to dive into its promise which it says is your due A promise of forgetfulness and welcome rest Rest from the pain of constant disappointments Rest from trusting those untrue Rest from the hurt of blighted dreams Rest from the inner silent screams Screams at those who don’t want to understand That you are trying to do the best you can But you refuse to give in to your fear Though your journey is full of twists and turns Your dream within you still burns Exploding into visions most clear The sky will sometimes be grey But the sun will always chase those clouds away Birds will sing; butterflies will play And you will be on your way Before you go, spend a few minutes to browse the blog, subscribe to get the latest posts as soon as they are published and do read some  poems . A bout the Aut