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Why do you teach?

  ABOUT THE TEACHER'S GIFT You are a teacher and much is expected of you. You are expected to make your students learn the content of your lessons while being their counsellor, parent, friend…. In addition, with the move by government to ensure that there is accountability in government institutions – which is a good thing – you have to engage in a number of administrative tasks, in addition to your teaching role. As a result, you are stressed and find yourself close to the breaking point. Th e Teacher ' s Gift: A Teacher’s perspective will help you to regain your equilibrium. Learn how to: prepare yourself to manage your teaching job interact with the stakeholders of the school measure your success on the job maintain your mental health Take back your joy which is being slowly taken away from you by intractable students, hassled administrators and the demands of the job. Get your copy  here ! Before you go, spend a few minutes to