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Yes by JBF

Yes by JBF Yes – the little word that heals or wounds The fragile heart’s respite From friends’ capricious masquerades That cripple, that entice Like sleep the weary eyelids shade From the sun’s taxing rays. Yes, the word that accentuates Our deepest joys and fears.

Is your job about your passion or about the money?

Are you following your passion or are you following the money? Ah, your passion! Some of you feel compelled to follow your passion. Your passion is that thing that you believe that you were born to do. It is that thing that gives you most joy in thinking about it and actually doing it. Your passion is what you believe to be your calling, your vocation in life. Your passion gets expression, oftentimes, in the career paths that you choose for yourselves. Some of you have chosen to be teachers, religious leaders, nurses, doctors, farmers, business persons... The list of career paths that you have chosen is quite extensive. You have chosen your career paths, your passion, because you believe that you have been called to them. You have chosen to follow your passion. You have chosen to do what gives you joy. There is a problem, though. Sometimes following your passion puts pressure on significant others to "make do" with what they consider to be the inadequate contribut