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How do you write the story that you want to write?

How do you write the story that you want to write? Good question!  The simple answer is to experiment with your writing. When you choose to write stories, you have several points of views from which to do so. Do you think that your story would be best written in the first person, second person or third person? Why not have fun with your story? Write the same story using different points of view, then decide which works for you. Probably you'll discover that they all work quite well. Share the one you prefer or all of them with your readers for their enjoyment and to get feedback. Feedback on your work is always useful because it gives you a sense of what could be improved in your story and how your story resonates with your readers. Remember to show not tell ! I wrote the following very short story from three points of view. Here, I am sharing one version with you. Imagine the other versions. Enjoy. Remember,  inspiration for your stories is all around you . Go ou