How do you write the story that you want to write?

How do you write the story that you want to write?

How do you write the story that you want to write? Good question! 

The simple answer is to experiment with your writing. When you choose to write stories, you have several points of views from which to do so.

Do you think that your story would be best written in the first person, second person or third person?

Why not have fun with your story? Write the same story using different points of view, then decide which works for you. Probably you'll discover that they all work quite well. Share the one you prefer or all of them with your readers for their enjoyment and to get feedback. Feedback on your work is always useful because it gives you a sense of what could be improved in your story and how your story resonates with your readers. Remember to show not tell!

I wrote the following very short story from three points of view. Here, I am sharing one version with you. Imagine the other versions. Enjoy.

Remember, inspiration for your stories is all around you. Go out and write your stories! 

'Jenny, Jenny!' I called. There was no answer. I opened the latch of the metal gate, painted in black oil paint. The gate stood a few feet from the big white house that sat on its fruited lot in the quiet neighbourhood of Amity.

I was excited to fit the outfits that Jenny had assured me were finished and ready for fitting. 'Dressing up' was my favourite pastime, so I was really looking forward to see what Jenny had done with the many yards of materials that I had entrusted to her to be transformed into her creative designs. I was especially eager to see what she had done with that piece of black material with the little red and green flowers on it.

I laughed as I found myself thinking of the black piece of cloth with its little flowers on it. In a class in college called, 'Personal Development' we had to make skirts. My teacher, Miss Black, asked me what kind of material I had. 'Black with little purple and white flowers on it,’ I said, to giggles from the rest of the class. They knew me well, I suppose.

'Floral!' Miss Black snapped. 'Floral!' She had her hands full with us who did not care to be 'developed'.  

I had not taken many steps up the walkway when Jenny’s dogs, big as horses I thought at that moment, rounded the sides of the house. It seemed as if they were being propelled by an unseen force. I saw the muscles on their well toned bodies straining as they raced towards me.

I was paralysed with fear and shock as the worst scenarios of being mauled to death by dogs flashed through my mind like a morbid slide show. But that was less than a second, because without knowing exactly how, I was halfway up the trunk of the sturdy mango tree that occupied pride of place in Jenny's front yard. My heart was racing and my limbs were not cooperating as well as they could. Before I could heave my slight body on to a welcoming branch, I felt the teeth of the three dogs sinking into my legs, my thigh and my butt.

I tried to kick, to pull myself upwards but the strength of the dogs was just too much for me. My wretched screams seemed to drive them into a frenetic ecstasy as they sank their teeth deeper and deeper into my flesh.

'Stop it, you bad dogs!' I heard the welcomed voice of Jenny when I thought it was all over for me. 'You know Carrie. Why you attacking her?’ Jenny asked her dogs as she slapped and pried them away from my aching and bloody body. ‘Hitler, Apache, Lady! Get away from her!' Jenny screamed, as she stood between me and the rabid dogs. The dogs retreated, in tight formation, as if they were one ferocious force.

Jenny had a much more difficult task to pry me from the trunk of the mango tree than she had with the dogs.

I’m so sorry, Carrie. The dogs never did anything like this before. I’m so so sorry...’

 Before I slipped into unconsciousness, I glimpsed the dogs sitting close together by the steps, seeming to be straining to have another round with my limp body, if their mistress dared move away from me.

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About the Author

Janette B. Fuller is a ghost writer and author of four books. 

When you are ready to write your story and/or after you have written your story, make contact with her at She'll help you write your best story by helping you arrange your thoughts and/or edit your work. Check out her books here


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