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I know everything by JBF

I know everything by JBF It’s mine I did it I will do it. I know everything What I say is true Don’t question it Don’t dismiss it I speak truth I will rant if that’s what I’m doing I will speak my truth I speak for the oppressed I speak for the stereotyped I speak for the misunderstood I speak for them They are me I am they I will not be silenced I will speak our truth I will speak the truth And you must listen.

Who is right? Who is wrong?

You have accomplished a goal. People compliment you. Y ou are proud of that accomplishment but before you can savour it, someone chooses to point out why your accomplishment is really not an accomplishment, or that it is no "big deal".  You may have had an experience like this when someone tries to rob you of your joy. This person is aptly referred to as a "Debbie Downer". As you continue to go through life, you are going to meet at least one. Where are the “Debbie Downers”? You will meet them in your homes. You will meet them in your places of work. You will meet them in school. You will meet them at your places of worship. You will meet them in your recreational spaces. You will meet them on social media platforms.  You will meet them everywhere you go.  Who are the "Debbie Downers"? They are your relatives.  They are your friends. They are your neighbours.

Are you engaged in the world's oldest profession?

If you were asked, "are you engaged in the world's oldest profession?" what would your answer be? "No?" If you seriously think about it, though, what you are rejecting surely qualifies as a profession, if we agree that groups take on the title of profession by virtue of their professed expertise in a particular endeavour. I'm sure that this expertise that this profession claims requires much knowledge and skills, albeit a very specific set of esoteric knowledge and skills, to effectively achieve the objectives of that job. The division of work in societies If you have just a tiny bit of interest in history and the development of society (civilization?), you will remember that way back in the history of the world, our ancestors in order to survive the harshness of the environment in which they found themselves divided labour among the sexes. The males, by virtue of their perceived strength, their dexterity with a bow and arrow among the other virtue

Five dimensions of success explained

There are many dimensions of success but I am going to share five dimensions of success with you.  What does success mean to you? How do you go about achieving it? You, readers, fall into one of the following categories: Some of you have already achieved your version of success and are enjoying the fruits of this success. S ome of you are working toward achieving your version of success and are enjoying some of the fruits of this success. Some of you are working to achieve even more success, having to date exceeded the objectives that you have set for achieving your version of success. Eugenio Salvato in the group  Books and Writers on LinkedIn started a discussion to elicit from members their understanding of success. Here are some responses: "Getting it right." Being "happy with achievements at certain points in time." “ Success is relative.” "Achieving your own objectives." "Achieving the g