Five dimensions of success explained

5 dimensions of success explained

There are many dimensions of success but I am going to share five dimensions of success with you. 

What does success mean to you? How do you go about achieving it?

You, readers, fall into one of the following categories:

  • Some of you have already achieved your version of success and are enjoying the fruits of this success.
  • Some of you are working toward achieving your version of success and are enjoying some of the fruits of this success.
  • Some of you are working to achieve even more success, having to date exceeded the objectives that you have set for achieving your version of success.

Eugenio Salvato in the group Books and Writerson LinkedIn started a discussion to elicit from members their understanding of success. Here are some responses:

  • "Getting it right."
  • Being "happy with achievements at certain points in time."
  • Success is relative.”
  • "Achieving your own objectives."
  • "Achieving the goals of the corporation..."
  • "Feeling passionate and living the passion."
  • "Achieving goals and leaving a positive imprint."
  • "Monetary..."
  • "Finding and fulfilling your purpose. "
  • "Have the ability to do something with no pressure or regret."
  • "Good question but very difficult to reply."

It is clear from these responses that people have their own perspectives of what success means.

OxfordDictionaries.comcaptures much of what the people who share their understanding of success have articulated. According to this website, success is the "the accomplishment of an aim or purpose"; "the attainment of fame, wealth or social status".

From the definitions of success given by this website, as well as those given by the respondents to Eugenio Salvato's post, success for many is measured in accomplishments, whether material or psychological or both.

So, for those of you who have not yet achieved your version of success and are daily carrying around with you the vision of your version of success, how are you going to transform your vision into reality?

The simple answer to this question is this: You will have to invest in your success.

You are asking the question, how do I invest in my success? Or, you are saying, I have been doing that. Or, I have already done that.

Those of you who have already invested in your success (you have already achieved your version of success) have an answer to this question. Those of you who have been investing in your success and have been enjoying the proceeds of your investment also have an answer to this question. And those of you who plan to invest in your success may want some direction.

What does  OxfordDictionaries.comsay about the meaning of the word, "invest"? According to this website, "invest" means to "devote (one's time, effort or energy) to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result".

If you "buy" this definition, you will realise that whatever you are willing to put into your enterprise – success – will determine your yield from your investment.

However, you should not forget that your yield from your investment is also determined by the medium through which you seek this success (your job, your vocation, your calling). So, you need to be realistic in your expectations from your investment.

Now, what is the nature of the investment that you have made to achieve your version of success?

The investment that you have made in your success, the investment that you have been making in your success, the investment that you will make in your success has had and will have the following dimensions.

Five dimensions of success

  • Physical your ability to exert physical effort, to get up and go to work to do what you have chosen to do to make money or make a difference. Sometimes you may feel drained but you still get up and put one foot in front of the other until you reach where you want to go.

  • Psychological This dimension refers to your mental fortitude. Do you believe that you have what it takes to achieve your goals? Your first step to achieving anything good is your belief in yourself and in your ability.

  • Financial – It is said that it takes money to make money. You have to be prepared to invest some of your earnings, no matter how small it is, in yourself and in the venture through which you intend to achieve your success. If you have done your research, you have seen the viability of your project, you believe in it and you have put some money in it, you should see some returns sooner or later.

  • Intellectual Whatever you choose to do to achieve your version of success, whether setting up your food stall, your store or whatever business you have in mind, you need to have some knowledge of the operation of that business – basic Math skills, basic understanding of supply and demand and so on to expect to maintain your business. If you do not have the basic intellectual skills you need to acquire them through formal or informal schooling. The internet is a great resource.

  • Practical This dimension requires that you have the ability to weigh the pros and cons of your decision to start your journey to your version of success and accept the result. But the practical dimension also means that you possess the "hands on" ability to get things done. On the early stages of your journey, because of the limited resources that you will start out with, you will have to be prepared to self-reliant.

If you possess the above dimensions, you are well on your way to achieve your version of success. Keep on honing all these dimensions and before long you will begin to see your investment paying off.

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