Understanding the political game - A poem


Understanding the political game

Politics by JBF

I didn’t do anything remotely wrong

Politicians before me did the same.

We help some people and we help ourselves.

That is the name of the game that you blame.

If you want to play, you play by the rules

These special rules you will not learn in school

They come from initiative and cunning.

To ignore these rules you play the fool.

Life in this place is a roller coaster

A hard grind, just to eat a decent food

Chances to thrive are few and far between

Grabbing the ones that come improves our mood.

So do not begrudge us our good fortune!

We choose to put our lives out on the line.

We’re courageous leaders on a mission

To support those who toe the party line.

I didn’t do anything remotely wrong.

I’m just here carrying on the tradition.

I give with one hand, I take with the other

Win-win, a necessary condition.

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About the Author

Janette B. Fuller is a ghost writer and author of four books. 

When you are ready to write your story and/or after you have written your story, make contact with her at writingwisdomtree@gmail.com. She'll help you write your best story by helping you arrange your thoughts and/or edit your work. Check out her books here


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