3 Ways To Cheer Yourself This Christmas

3 Ways To Cheer Yourself This Christmas - Christmas Tips
This Christmas will be one unlike any other for many people. With COVID-19 restrictions in place in many parts of the world, the traditional Christmas gatherings of friends and loved ones to affirm their love for each other, will be postponed until a time when such gatherings may not be harbingers of severe illness and death for vulnerable family members.

But all is not lost. Instead of ruing the good old days of Christmases past, why not create a new Christmas tradition? How do you do this? Reach out to your community. Remember that Christmas is many acts of love rolled into one big celebration, so share one of these small acts of love with your neighbours and yourself.

Go carolling this Christmas.

If you are not in full lock-down and restricted to staying on your property, revive that age old Christmas tradition of carolling. As a family, whether you have the best singing voices or not, get up really early in the morning, don those face coverings, get the dog and spend at least fifteen minutes walking up and down your block belting out Christmas carols from behind your mask. Sing as loudly as you can. It is good for you. Allow all of the frustrations that you Harbor from having an abbreviated Christmas to seep out of you as you lose yourself in the words of the carols.

I am sure that some members of your community will appreciate your efforts and may even join in from the safety of their homes. In one little gesture of love this Christmas morning, you will be bringing cheer to yourself and your neighbours. Moreover, the exercise will be good for you and it will prepare you to enjoy the Christmas feast that you can still prepare to enjoy with your immediate family members.

Share your Christmas feast with a neighbour.

You may be forced to have a smaller Christmas this year than you are used to, but don’t stint on the food. There may be at least one person in your community who you know needs a little help from time to time. One simple way to spread the Christmas cheer is to share a meal with a neighbour—from a distance. Package some of your Christmas meal, knock on your neighbour’s door and leave it on their step. Afterwards, enjoy the warmth radiating through you as you bask in the joy of sharing.

Count your blessings this Christmas

While this year has been bad, what with COVID-19 disrupting almost every aspect of life, I’m sure that you’ve had a few achievements this year in your personal and/or professional life. Relish those achievements. Give thanks for all of your blessings this year. Write them down as a reminder that in the midst of the worst of times there can be much that is good. One of your blessings is being able to read this article at this time.


Christmas is usually a time of giving but not every gift is appreciated, as you know from your years of thinking that you’d found that perfect gift for a family member, only to have it packed away, never to be seen again. This year, everybody knows that there is one gift that nobody wants to give to their loved ones or receive from them. This gift is COVID-19. So, enjoy a different kind of Christmas this year. Share your time and talents from a safe distance with your neighbours who need you and cheer yourself knowing that you’d spread some cheer, making others happy.

Merry Christmas to you!

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