I sing a song

I sing a song – a new song

Music to the ear

A song raw with emotions

A song to start the year

A song that soothes my wary heart

that I wear on my sleeve

A rare song that provides reprieve

from troubles near and far

I sing a song – a new song

A tune from the sun’s bright ray

A little light to show the way

to the weary seeking eye

A song to brighten the overcast morn

A song to drive away the burgeoning storm

A song to wean me from creeping doubt’s door

A song to lift me from the sinking floor.

About the Author

Janette B. Fuller is a ghost writer and author of four books. 

When you are ready to write your story and/or after you have written your story, make contact with her at writingwisdomtree@gmail.com. She'll help you write your best story by helping you arrange your thoughts and/or edit your work. Check out her books here


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