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How to write, really write!

How to write, really write? This is the question that you may have asked yourself when someone sneers at your writing. Ignore them. Everybody has their own writing style. What you probably need is a bit of guidance to say what you want to say.  Here are three easy steps that should help you to finish that book or that piece of extended writing that is still trapped inside your head.   Know what you want to say. This is self-evident, isn't it? It seems to be, but it is not! This is one of the reasons that your story is still trapped inside your head. So, what do you want to say? What is the topic that interests you, that you want to share with your audience?  You want to write and many ideas are fighting for ascendancy in your head, but what is that burning idea on which you will focus your first book?  Do you want to focus it on that special story that your grandfather used to tell you, or the one that your mother used to tell you before tucking you in bed, or the stories