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How to create memorable characters

                You are here because you want to learn how to create memorable characters as  some of your favourite writers have done.  It is not as difficult as you think.  By the time you finish reading this post, you will be well on your way to create your characters that readers will remember decades later - every writer's hope. Look at yourself and the people around you. You are all actors on this stage called life, according to William Shakespeare   - characters really.  In writing your characters you need to capture the essence of yourself and the people around you in your writing - quirks and all. If you manage to do this, you will have created an authentic character that will stimulate the imagination of readers. Characters The writer is an artist who uses the tools that she possesses - words, general knowledge of the writing process and her experiences in creative ways to craft stories that tug at the emotions of readers in specific ways. These stories may be fi