Writing Non-fiction - Book Writing 2

Writing is fun, when you get the hang of it. In these tutorials, I will show you how to awaken your writing skills that you have allowed too much rest. Before you engage with this tutorial, revisit Book Writing 1 , the first writing tutorial. Also, scavenge in the writing toolkit for other relevant information to guide you on your writing journey. In this tutorial we will focus on writing non-fiction. We will look at types of non-fiction and word count, as well as an outline for a non-fiction book.  At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to write an outline for your first non-fiction book. Writing Non-fiction - What is non-fiction prose? The Encyclopedia Britannica gives us a good place to start. It says that non-fiction prose is “ any literary work that is based mainly on fact, even though it may contain fictional elements”. It is writing that is “ intended to instruct, to persuade, to convert, or to convey experience or reality through “factual” or spiritual revelation

Book Writing Tutorial 1

Welcome to Book Writing Tutorial 1.  Writing a book is hard work. Among other things, it involves writing, throwing much of that writing on the cutting floor, doing that over and over until you eventually capture the essence of your thoughts on your subject matter. You know this but you still want to try. Wonderful! Let’s get started. However, before you start the writing process you must do the following: 1. Clear your mind of worry about your writing. Don’t worry that what you write won’t be as good as another writer’s product. ‘Good’ is relative. What makes each writer’s work stand out are the personal assets that she/he brings to the project – personality traits, experiences, theories about the world and so on. Every writer has her/his set of assets that sets her/him apart from other writers. We learn this from the works that writers produce, works that evoke specific emotions in us; works that take us on journeys that we don’t want to end. So, don’t worry that your work won’t b

Lesson from writing my first novel, "My Own Big Woman"

Writing is a marathon, not a sprint My novel is finished after one year of writing it. The process was one of writing, rewriting, again and again; editing, editing, editing…  So, today, I am excited to announce that   My Own Big Woman  is now available on  Amazon . Get your copy today. A bout the Author J anette B. Fuller is a teacher and author of  three  books. Her business is to write stories set in the place she knows best – Jamaica – while also helping writers to write their own stories.  When you are ready to write your story and/or after you have written your story, make contact with her at for coaching and editing services, respectively.  Check out her books  here . 

Cry for America by JBF

Cry for America by JBF America. Founded through revolution. “ nation under God Indivisible With liberty and justice for all...” Which God? A god of the white man? A god for the white man? A god by the white man? The god of America. Cry for America Indivisible Inseparable One Nation Founded on liberty and justice for all Lily white Lies founded in history Excavated through time Perpetuated by ‘educators’. Blacks, graduated from chattel-hood By laws that keep them enchained Stagnating Impatient to breathe. Voices wail Fires burn Feet march Standing still. Cry for America The revolution continues Excluding Dividing Discriminating. Imploding! You are, America! Before you go, check out our poetry corner and do read the post, The USA and COVID-19 . A bout the Author J anette B. Fuller is a teacher and author of three books. Her business is to write stories set in the place she knows best – Jamaica –

Educate yourself about COVID-19

Protecting yourself from the corona virus is the most important thing on your mind at this time, especially if you are in one of the vulnerable groups of people with heart disease, lung disease or any disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cancer, or if you are a smoker or old or any age. Even though you may be in one of these groups, getting COVID-19 is not a death sentence as the people who have recovered have shown us. In this article, I will share with you some insights that I have gleaned from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Dr. John Campbell , former nurse and nurse educator, who brings practical and theoretical experience to discussions about COVID-19 .  Scouring the mainstream media daily for country specific and worldwide information about the virus may be depressing but it is a good way to inform yourself. Also, view the worldwide updates on the progress of the virus in terms of confirmed cases, death and recovery numbers at the Johns Hopkins